Simlex - Herbal Formulation for Skin Problems

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Simlex - Herbal Formulation for Skin Problems
Simlex - Herbal Formulation for Skin Problems
"Impure Blood" is an Illness - is a defined term and many modern doctors wonder ‘what is it’  - forgetting that a Haemo Dialysis is done to help remove blood impurities when kidneys are not fully functional. A similar condition where there is a heavy load on ‘Kidney’  due to over - medication, unexhaled poisonous gases, poor digestion etc., will lead to impure blood. Modern Science has no answer in such an apparently trivial condition, but a serious one really. The symptoms include irregular breathing, skin disorders restlessness, reduced out- put of urine etc.
Simlex is a Time Tested well balanced formula to improve Glomerular Filtration, Diuresis and their by eliminating Unexcreted Impurities Circulating in Blood - viz., metabolites of extraneous origin.



  • Eczema
  • Boils
  • Scabies
  • Fungal Infections
  • Psoriasis
  • Blood Impurities

Active Ingredients

  • Shahatra (Fumaria Parviflora)
    Anti-Septic & Blood Purifier
  • Chrita (Swertia Chirata)
    Blood Purifier, Relaxant and Germicidal
  • Sarpoka (Teprosea Purpurea)
    Anti inflammatory, Laxative and Blood purifier
  • Mundi (Sphaeranthus Inducus)
    Blood Purifier and Used in Skin Disorders
  • Bisfayej (Polypodium Vulgare)
    Anti-Inflammatory, Laxative and Blood purifier
  • Ushba (Smilax Aristolochefolia)
    Blood Purifier and Diuretic
  • Sandal Surkh (Pterocrpus Santalinus)
    Blood Purifier and Sedative
  • Babchi (Posoralia Corylifolia)
    Blood Purifier and Purgative
  • Gule Surkh (Rosa Damascena)
    Anti-Inflammatory and Laxative

This formulation is 100% Natural, Herbal, Clinically Proven and Completely Safe.


Tablets: 1-2 Tablets thrice a day or as directed by your physician.

Ointment: Apply on the affected area.

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