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Lactopro - Herbal Supplement for Lactating Mothers

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“Breast-Feeding - The common Heritage of Humanity, provides infants with the ideal food for healthy growth and development” - World Health Organization (WHO).

Even otherwise we know that Mother’s Milk is the best milk for Infants, However present day’s living habits is posing a big problem for mother to produce milk. The atmospheric changes, Day-to-Day tensions causes hormonal imbalance. Dietary Imbalance is the root cause.

Hence the problem that is created by imbalance - can be best corrected by Nature’s Own Herbs.

Lactopro is one of the best herbal formula that produces ‘Copious Milk Secretion’ in Ante-Natal Mothers.


  • Lactagogue
  • Cures Ante-Natal Weakness and Debility
  • Improves Lactation

    Active Ingredients

    • Sataver  (Asparagus Racemosus)
      Well known globally as ‘Satavari’ this herb is a true Lactagogue - used from Ancient Times. Regulates Hormonal Balance, Strengthens uterine muscle.
    • Bidhara (Pueraria Tuberosis)
      Lactagogue, the herb is available in eastern parts of India including Orissa
    • Tudri surkh (Cheiranthus Cheiri)
    • Tudri safid (Mathiola Incana)
    • Asgandh (Withanaia Somnifera)
      Well known Nervine Tonic
    • Mosli Siyah (Curculigo Orchilides)
      Nervine Tonic, Strengthens Uterine Muscles, Prevents Anti-Natal Infections of Uterus
    • Mosli Safid (Chlorophylum Arundinaceum)
      Nervine Tonic
    • Zera Safid  (Curcum Carvia)
      Carminative & Digestive
    • Badiyan (Foenicalus Vulgare)
    • Sugar (Syrup bases)

    This formulation is 100% Natural, Herbal, Clinically Proven and Completely Safe with No-Side Effects.

    Usage: 1-2 Tablets thrice a day with Milk or as directed by your physician.

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