Kesri Musli Prash

Kesri Musli Prash

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Kesri Musli Prash is made up by a unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern science from the finest quality of herbs under strict supervision. It's a comprehensive herbal tonic with full of herbs & nutrients like Gheekwar, Musli Safed, Saffron, Almond & Cashew, delicious in taste with multiple health benefits, such as "Anti-Aging", "Energy Booster", "Nervine Tonic".

It promotes the Body's ability to maintain homeostasis, lowering blood cholesterol level and resist stress. Also beneficial in Chronic Inflammatory & Degenerative Joint Disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteo Arthritis.

It improves stamina, immunity and prevent many common diseases.

Kesri Musli Prash is good for your entire family having high nutritional values & delicious in taste and is loved by children and adults alike.



1/2 - 1 Tea Spoon (3-5 Gms) twice a day with milk.