Secrets to Beat the Heat this Summer!

Herbal Care

Summers can get really Hot and have effects on your Health and Skin. Follow these simple natural ways to stay cool this summer. 

1. Drink Lots of Water

Try to drink lots of water and fluids to keep yourself hydrated. During summer your body water requirement increases due to excessive heat and sweating. It is important to keep yourself hydrated to flush out the toxins.

2. Eat Juicy Fruits

Try to eat more juicy fruits like Watermelons, Blueberries, Strawberries, Pears, Pomegranate and Grapes. To retain the lost fluid and moisture. 

3. Fresh Salad

Increase intake of fresh salads, include cucumber, beetroot, tomato and radish.

4. Rose Water

Try to wipe your face with Rose Water, its cooling properties makes it an excellent toner for summer season.

5. Lemon for Sun Tan

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and helps remove sun tan. Even though it has bleaching properties, it can cause skin dryness. So do use Almond Oil or Moisturizers after after washing off lemon. 

6. Loose Fitting Clothes

Use loose fitting clothes, it helps to release the trapped moisture and skin to breathe.

7. Protect Yourself from Sun

Even though outdoor activities are fun, it is important to protect yourself from sun at the hottest hours. 

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