Herbal Remedies: An Effective Cure for Skin Problems

Herbal Care

Unani Skin Treatmen, Skin Disorders

A good looking skin is a sign of good health, and over time many individuals are gradually paying more attention to their skin rather than just covering blemishes and problems with makeup. People with skin problems usually feel uncomfortable; some become shy of public appearances, some develop low self-esteem and some other plunge into depression.

Unani Skin Treatmen, Skin DisordersThere are a lot of cosmetic skin problems cures out there, from creams to tablets to gels and liquids. They have been dominating the skin care market for a long time. The downside to chemical products is that they most often come with side effects after a long-term use and can lead to further damage rather than cure.

Cosmetic skin cure care products maybe quick acting, while some of them seem to cure the skin problems, they are only treating the symptoms. (Just like lightening creams used to treat acne and it only lightens the spots and does not really stop the future occurrence). These products are not all advisable for an effective cure.

Unani Skin Treatmen, Skin DisordersThe best way to treat skin problems is by using natural remedies which are basically herbs and fruits that have rich healing properties. Herbal remedies are effective for treating skin problems, healing wound and burns, returning skin to natural time, enhancing the skin, moisturizing the skin and a whole lot more.

Nature is heavily loaded with plants that come in a variety of shapes and sizes with lots of properties and contents which are more than effective for curing almost every type of skin disorder.

What discourages most persons from going the natural way is the time it takes to process and apply some of these remedies. The solution is to go for store sold herbal skin remedies. Simlex is one of such herbal remedies readily available today.


Simlex Tablets and Ointment is a 100% natural herbal remedy for skin problems. A product of Unani Medicine, it does not only cure skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, and hyperpigmentation, it also works as an effective blood purifier.

Simlex is rich with so many natural ingredients including neem (dongoyaro) which is a very rich herb whose leaves, seeds and oil are extra useful for hair, skin and blood problems.

Some other ingredients include citrus, halela siyah (Chebulic myrobalan), which apart from being a blood purifier is also a memory enhancing seed, sandal safaid (Santalum album) or sandalwood as it is popularly called which has healing properties and is effective as a skin moisturizer, natural disinfectant, an anti-aging agent, skin toner and a lot more.

Citrullus colocynthis (bitter apple) is another essential ingredient in this syrup and has been known to be effective in treating skin eruptions, chirata (Swertia chirata) that is rich in folic acid and Ophelic acid, this herb is highly effective for skin disorders.

SIMLEX: Uses and Dosage

The Simlex can be used to cure the following;

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Urticaria
  • Blood impurities

For daily dosage of Tablets, use 1 or 2 Tablets twice a day with water or as directed by your physician.

Simlex Ointment Usage: Apply on the affected area, its only for external use.

Do well by getting yourself, family and loved ones Simlex which is highly effective to cure your skin problems.


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